We created the HoodieBuddie™ with HB3Technology™ because we
saw an opportunity for an awesome mash-up between form and
function, style and common sense, and comfort and utility. So, just a short
time ago, in our HB3 Labs, the first HoodieBuddie was born.

Part stylin’ super soft hoodie, part ultimate mp3 / iPod or iPhone accessory, we knew
once the first prototype HoodieBuddie was designed and rigorously
tested that we had an idea that would bring a little bit of joy, simplicity,
and color to a world that tends toward the over-complicated.

The HoodieBuddie is an international collaboration, and is created
from fine components and materials sourced from all over the world in
a sustainable, environmental, and socially conscious process. Feel
free to learn more about our sustainability here.

As part of HoodieBuddie Culture, we have several collaborative spe
cial projects underway with visionary Creators. The first of these spe
cial editions, is HoodieBuddie Betty White Edition, also part of the
exclusive Betty White Tee officially licensed collection.

So connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll share the latest
special releases, exclusive content and great deals for all our buddies.

Just remember—we are all connected, and united we rock.



- Your friends at HoodieBuddie

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